Curvaceous Celeste BBW

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Hi gents, I'm Celeste or Celly (pronounced Selly) as I'm affectionately known. 
Well you've made it to here so I'd best tell you a little bit about me, though there's lots to read so get yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and peruse...

I'd class myself as a genuinely nice, mature (53 years young, yes that is my REAL age) down to earth lady from Yorkshire (born and bred), being a sensual, busty (44FF all home grown and natural, hope you've got big hands!), size 20/22 with short dark blonde hair and am 5'6 in my stockinged feet.

I suppose I come under the label of being a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) as I'm a large lady, so if your preference is for ladies with an abundance of bountiful boobs, belly and bum then keep reading, if not then you don't know what you're missing out on!



I'm told I'm the stereotypical girlie next door, seductive brown eyes just full of sexual mischief just waiting for you to come and play, with a lovely smile and apparently I ooze sexuality but you'll need to make your own mind up when you meet me! I do so love to give you what every man desires and needs in a lady without the hassles or demands of an everyday relationship (no headache or nagging here boys!)

I possess a wealth of experience that I feel only a more mature lady can provide, being friendly, easy to talk to, making you feel completely at ease.


I'll captivate and tantalise all your senses... I genuinely adore teasing and pleasing you, but there is another side of the demure me... The outer shell may look like butter wouldn't melt but check out that glint in my eyes... I can be a downright dirty and kinky lady when the mood takes me!

Do expect to be pampered when you're with me as I do like to ensure our time together is the best.
I particularly enjoy spending time with genuine gentlemen (over the age of 21) who enjoy mutual respect, I'm very responsive and attentive to your every need, want and desire.
I'm not fond of wham bam thank you Ma'am type of liasions, I much prefer to savour and enjoy each other.

I'm a professional, intelligent and worldy wise lady with a good sense of humour, I'm extremely happy with my life and have been told that it shines through with my warm and friendly nature, being caring and sensitive to the needs of other and having a genuine interest in others views and opinions as well as a willingness to share my own. 
In my spare time I enjoy many things, but are particularly fond of card making, breeding budgies, travelling, rugby union, reading, music, concerts and I adore walking on the beach with the wind blowing through my hair. 

Please note I do NOT discriminate against any culture, mutual respect is where it's at, skin colour doesn't change that for me, as long as you have a good understanding of and can speak good English then we'll get along just fine.

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