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Cross Dressing  

Does the thought of putting on a pair of silk panties, stockings or tights turn you on?
It doesn't matter if you've never done this before, everyone has to start somewhere...
If you don't try you will never know!

I have a couple of outfits for a slimmer gent but maybe some of my lingerie will fit you too?
Or maybe you have your own clothes, bring them and get changed here with me!
I am also able to look after your clothes for you (for regular clients) if you have the need to be discreet.
I have a few clients who enjoy escaping the humdrums of everyday life and enter a wonderful fantasy world with their Mistress whilst dressed or maybe you'd like to feel my stockings against yours when we cuddle and kiss...

(sorry gents, I don't enjoy being spanked so it's not reciprocal
I do so love a spanking session with my naughty boys (and sometimes girls!) 
I offer an erotic, warm, sensual spanking (this can be part of a GFE session) with lots of caresses inbetween leaving just a nice blushing bottom.
Or for those who have been extremely naughty and I feel they need some discipline brought into their life I will administer a more severe spanking using various accoutrements which are named below. 

Accoutrements may include...bare hands, slipper, plimsoll, small rubber flogger, large leather flogger, leather and wooden paddles, horse crop, metal flogger, wooden spoons, hairbrush. my shoe and ruler (all of which used at my discretion and your consent) 

Positions may include...over the knee (OTK), hands and knees on floor or bed, laid down on floor or bed, bent over a desk/vaulting horse or touching toes, or your favourite position I may not have mentioned.

Spanking will be carried out within both of our boundaries, and my main priority will always be your safety.  


A natural progression from spanking, I am proficient and offer caning to most levels but will not bring about open wounds or blood.

 I love seeing your derriere redden from the stroke of my canes and crops.  

If you'd like to indulge me and surprise me with a token of your appreciation then this is one of my favourite sites for accoutrements of the hurting kind...


Arse/Body Worship  

Yes, you can worship my bountiful arse and body, yes you can drizzle oil on me and massage me, yes you can kiss and caress me all over, yes you can spread my buttocks and take your worship a step further with your probing tongue. (I DO NOT OFFER RIMMING ON YOU, I do provide dental dams if you'd like to use)  

Face Sitting/Queening/Smothering 

(fully dressed with underwear on/off)  

Would you enjoy seeing me lowering myself down to my final destination, namely your face? 

I could be wearing my skintight leggings or a long black skirt so you're totally engulfed in darkness whilst I sit on you.

I love sitting on your face, your head between my thighs and lowering my arse on your face whilst I sit comfortably on my face cushion reading a book, watching some porn or teasing you in some other way until I feel you start to squirm and beg me very politely to sit up whether I choose to have you on the sofa, floor or bed.

I love to talk to you and tease you in other ways whilst I have a comfy sit down on you, I may decide to read you a story or there again I may decide to lean backwards/forwards and tease your manhood.

My pendulous breasts and ample cleavage are perfect to smother your face, or maybe my arse cheeks spread over your nose to smother you, whilst you squirm, take in my scent, the womanly muskiness of my body.

You'll be deprived of oxygen for a short while until you beg for air.

Please note I will NOT do to the point of you fainting.

I also have a queening box for you to enjoy.

 Prostate Massage


I get great pleasure from my 'G' spot (if you don't know where this is then I'll certainly teach you!)

Your equivalent is your prostate gland, located inside your bum, it will give you pleasure like you wouldn't believe!

 I do so love to see the varying looks on your face when I gently insert a much lubed covered finger into you, the look of apprehension soon dissipates to be replaced by a look of absolute unadulterated pleasure when I begin to massage your prostate gland.


Can it get any better? Yes it can! Combined with either me or you teasing your manhood simultaeneously you'll have a mind blowing orgasm, moreso if I take my finger out just at the right time... 

Anal Fisting 


I do not receive fisting but I am proficient in the art of anal fisting...this can be very erotic and pleasurable for a guy...this will, of course, need to be discussed before the appointment, and will be done at your pace. 

I do expect you to be scrupiously clean inside and out, I  will need for you to 'prepare' beforehand at home, i'e ensuring your bowels are empy and as clean as possible.

I will wear a latex glove and use plenty of lube...If you like to use a 'room odouriser' to enhance the experience then please mention to me when discussing the appointment on the phone.

You must let me know in advance of your appointment if you'd like to do this as I need to ensure I have enough lube etc.  


Pegging (Strap-on play) 


Pegging is extremely enjoyable for us both, some gents find stimulation of the anus and particularly their prostrate highly enjoyable, especially when part of horny fun, provided that enough lubricant is used! 

I have four strap ons, one 5" and slim, one 5" and a little more girth, one 7" with a 1.5" girth and one 8" with a wide girth.

 I always use condoms over toys and anything that is used penetratively so you know that they're 100% clean.

If this is your first time I'd advise me building you up slowly using smaller toys so that you get used to the feeling of being 'full.' 


 Health and Safety  

Yes, even in this naughty but highly pleasurable world there's a need for health and safety!

 Please understand that good personal hygiene for both of us is very much an expectation, I have a shower (over bath) and plenty of fresh, clean towels for you to use both before and after our time together, I also provide shower gels (numerous to choose from), deodorant, mouthwash, toothbrush (throw away when you've used it) and toothpaste for you to use.

 If you decided not to shower beforehand please don't be offended if I use a babywipe to clean you before owo or insist on a condom be used for oral.

 I do expect you to be STI free as I am, I do get tested regularly with a wonderful local service and am up to date with Hepatitis B etc.


Well gents that's everything I enjoy, I really hope I've whet your appetite for more.

If you would like to come and spend some time with me then please click on the 'Availability/Contact' link at the top of the page for details of when I'm around for fun and also how to contact me.

I look forward to having the pleasure of pleasuring you soon!