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Below are some of the indulgences I like to get up to, but please note my list of things that I don't enjoy first...  

  • No unprotected (unless oral and always at my discretion, if you haven't cleaned your manhood properly (i.e pulled your foreskin back and had a good wash!) or not had a shower do not be surprised or offended if I use a wet wipe / insist on a condom being worn for oral / or refuse oral. (Sorry to have to say this but some gents don't take pride in their personal hygiene!)
  • No water/hardsports
  • No anal/anal play - though I adore anal play on you and yes you can rim me ( I have             flavoured 'dams' if you'd like to use)
  • Sorry but I don't do fisting...Unless it's on you!
  • No smoking. If you do smoke I'd appreciate it if you have a mint or something before coming to my door to take the taste of cigarette away so when I kiss you I enjoy it! 

 I do not work from a dungeon, all appointments will be in a domestic setting which makes for a more relaxed and less impersonal time together.


I do try to accommodate most fetishes, please don't be afraid to ask, I'm very easy to talk to and will either say yes or no or try my best to fulfil your needs, but I can assure you that you will never be judged. 

Sorry but being a non smoker all my life I'm sure you can appreciate that I don't accommodate a smoking fetish. 




*** Domination appointments can be combined with personal services***

I will be your Mistress, I will use your dreams and desires to take you into a world of exploration, domination and fantasy, limited only by our imaginations...

My experience and enthusiasm, make a session a time you won't forget.

If it's your first time we can take is slowly, I always discuss boundaries etc before we begin our time together. This is important to me, all play will be safe, sane and consensual.

Your pain is my pleasure but I will not do anything too extreme so I insist on your safe word being in place, if you don't have one we WILL decide on one before any play is initiated.

I do enjoy roleplay, though not when I'm given a set agenda like a film script to learn in an exact order. 

Roleplay should be fun and ad hoc, go with the flow, I'm not an actress so won't learn lots of lines or sequences of events as it all seems too 'staged'!


Mild Domination


 Tie and Tease with happy ending (with or without blindfold)

Tie, tease and denial (with or without blindfold)

Roleplay (nurse/patient, secretary/boss etc)  


 Moderate Domination
Orgasm denial and control
Shaving (pubic area)
Face Slapping (no marks)
Corporal Punishment (spanking, flogging, paddling, whipping)-light
Nipple Torture (light)
Forced foot and arse worship

Harder Domination

Corporal Punishment (spanking, flogging, paddling, whipping and caning)
Cling Film mummification
Face slapping (hard)
Nipple torture (hard)
Forced arse play - Strap-ons and butt plugs
Gags and hoods
Tied up genitals
Forced feminisation
Furniture - you as my footstool or chair

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