Below are some of the questions I've previously been asked.
If you have a question that isn't covered  below please feel free to email me


Is there anything I need to do before my visit?

Where can I read reviews about you?

Will you do bareback?

Where are you located?

Do you allow cum in mouth?

Will you let my partner watch, do you do 3somes?

Hi, do you do car or outdoor meets?

Do you do breast smothering/hoods/gags and breath play?

Do you do outcalls to my home or to a hotel I'm staying in?

Do you provide breast relief to completion?

Do you use the cane?

How do I cancel an appointment?

Do you see younger men between 20 and 23 yrs of age?

Do you do trampling as I love this?

Do you allow filming of session for private viewing?

Hi gorgeous do you enjoy recieving oral?

Wow you are gorgeous. Do u take evening bookings?

Will you do rimming on me if I am freshly bathed and clean?

Hi Celeste, would you be able to put me in restrictive bondage?

Do you do watersports. If yes will you receive in mouth or face?

Do you dress up?

Are you shaven?

Do you provide same-sex sessions?

Do you do deepthroating?

Will you tie me up and sit on my face?

How do I find out if you have received my booking?

What size shoes are you and do you do foot worship?

What type of wine/alcohol do you like?

Can I buy you a gift?

Have you got a rubber hood or gasmask?

Do you see people from other ethnic backgrounds?

I'm sexually inexperienced, would you still meet?

Thanks for thinking and asking! All I ask is that you confirm your appointment, arrive clean and showered or accept my offer of a shower, have my correct fee as I can't promise I'll have change and last but not least just be yourself!

 My 'reviews' page on here, also you can also find reports about me on Punternet (search for Celeste of Castleford) and also on adultwork .

If you have to ask this question then you obviously haven't got a 'feel' for me from my pages on here. I take NO risks to my health whatsoever and neither should you. If you still feel the need to ask me by email or on the phone you will be permanently blocked.

I entertain in a discreet house in Castleford, less than 2 miles from junction 31 of the M62. I give precise directions to a location then ask you to ring me from there. There is ample free on street parking.

Normally, yes. Though if you're on medication please do let me know beforehand as some medications can make cum taste bloomin horrible!

I'm very much a one on one lady, I prefer to focus on just the one person , so sorry no.

No, I much prefer to have my creature comforts around me and like to be in the warmth!

Yes, please take a look through my pages for more information. Please note I will NOT do breath play to the extremes, certainly not using plastic bags etc.

Sorry no, I never do outcalls.

Yes, though I do like to drizzle some baby oil down my cleavage so my breasts don't get too red and chafe!

Yes, I'm proficient in delivering a good caning to a level that is within your boundaries. I do not take a caning.

As soon as possible, either by email or a phone call please. If you decide to let me know at the last minute or make repeated bookings and cancel them then I shall refuse to take further bookings from you.

I do have a minimum age of 21 yrs old for gents and I have been known to ask for I.D if I'm unsure of your age. I have no upper age limit.

Being a heavy and larger lady I'd be concerned about damaging your internal organs so I wont trample you. I will however use my full body weight on yours either in prone position or you laid on your back.

Any photo's taken of our time together (I don't EVER show any gents face or any part of them that may be identified) will be taken on my camera and I shall then email them to you when I've perused them. I don't offer filming at all unless you give me permission to publish on AdultWork.

I absolutely love receiving oral, I'm not shy though so please don't be offended if I direct your tongue whilst you're tasting me 

I'm sorry but I'm a lady of the day, as much as I enjoy my naughty life I do have a family that I equally enjoy spending time with and won't compromise on this. 

As I state on my website I do NOT offer rimming on you. I do allow it on me, I do provide a flavoured dental dam if you would like to use.

I have rope and bindings but I'm not proficient in the art of Japanese rope bondage but yes I can restrain you tightly.

Watersports is something I don't enjoy, hence it not being mentioned on my website

 I usually wear a nice skirt and low cut blouse with some lovely lingerie and stockings underneath then you've two layers to peel me out of or something else of my choosing that is appropriate to our liaison, no 'uniforms' though,

Yes, I'm always intimately shaven.

Only for spankings or canings.

If you're not too wide or no longer than 6 inches then usually yes.

Yes, yes, yes!!!

If I feel that your email is a genuine request for an appointment,  i.e not just a one liner asking me questions when the answers are already here on my website then I shall reply to you by email.

I'm a size 8, usually buying from Evans as they do the extra wide shoes that I need. I can't wear heels due to a spinal operation leaving me with reduced feeling in one of my feet but if you don't mind stocking or bare feet foot worship then YES!!


I'm not a great wine lover really, but if I do partake I like it sweet and fizzy, Prosecco is a fave (I can hear all you wine connoisseurs all tutting now) 

I do love a good Port or Whisky though I'm more of a Gin girlie (have been since I was old enough to drink when it was gin and itter lemon, I'm not one of the newbies who've just found out about Gin!)

 I love my different Gins, Tanquerey, Caorunn, Boodles, Edinburgh Rhubarb &Ginger, Plymouth, Gunpowder Irish Gin,Sipsmith, Boodles or Bombay Sapphire Gin, in fact most Gins apart from the Hendricks cucumber one! 

I'm also very partial to a 70's favourite too...Cinzano Bianco though to be honest I like the supermarkets own brand more!

Gifts are not expected but are always appreciated. 

I do lots of crafting, papercrafts, card making, rug making, needlework, scrapooking and cross stitch and buy a lot of items for it from Amazon so an Amazon giftcard would be nice in any denomination. 

I often get aksed what my favourite perfumes are and have been bought some now and again, they're 'Paris' by Yves Saint Laurent, 'Miracle' and 'O' by Lancome and 'Beautiful' and 'Youth Dew' by Estee Lauder. 

To be honest I'm sure you'll put a smile on my face no matter what :-)

I have a large rubber mask, three lycra masks (with incorprated blindfold, all different) and also a leather mask but no gas mask.

As stated on my website, I don't discriminate against any colour or creed, if you can comprehend English and can hold a conversation in good English well we will enjoy a good time together.

Not a problem at all, I pride myself on being easy to talk to, easy going and extremely tactile which all help in putting your nervous excitement at ease. We can go at a pace that you're comfy with.