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Well here we go gents, you've got to know a little about me and hopeully got a feeling for the kind of lady I am.

So now we move onto the things you really want to know, starting off with the soft, sexy and sensual...

 Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

A bit of a cliche, but isn't is lovely to be able to kiss and cuddle, hold and gently explore each other, have lots of caressing, massage and sensuous fun? 

Did you know that kissing is a science in itself? It's called Philematology, our lips are the most sensitive part of our bodies, more so than the genetalia, and 100 times more sensitive than our fingertips. Which makes it an important part of foreplay and all things intimate. 

Do you miss the close intimate contact, soft and slowly, hard and fast, or any other combination, well that's what the GFE is...lots of loving, touching and stroking, finding eachothers hidden sensuous places...perfect, just perfect.  

So, if you're lonely, stressed out, need some relaxation or just want to be a little (or a lot) naughty with a nice lady, then schedule a discreet and private appointment and indulge yourself in my company,

I look forward to meeting you and leaving you with a memorable experience where we'll both have big smiles on our faces.

I have wonderfully soft and ample breasts for you to snuggle up to, bury your head into, I love the warm feeling when your manhood is engulfed inbetween them, shall I drizzle some baby oil down my cleavage and really tease you?

My nipples have a mind of their own, they come out to play when they want, if they don't want to play how about you tease thm with your tongue, suckle them out? 

Come and have sexy time, we'll have lots of horny fun and laughs together, I look forward to meeting you and putting asmile on your face.

Fancy a bit of the kink to spice up your life? 

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